Real threats to real businesses

Ransomware, malware and other Cyber threats are on the rise, and cyber criminals do not care if you are a big or small company.  With more high profile businesses reporting new attacks on a day-to-day basis resulting in prime-time media coverage and with malware becoming more sophisticated than ever, with literally millions of new malware variants added each year, blocz IO provides a true line of defence against ransomware.

There are currently three types of ransomware attacks prevalent today:

Spray and Pray AttacksDeletion of Backup RepositoriesEmbedding Zero-Day Malware
into Your Backup Repository
These type of attacks (e.g. Locky, Petya and WannaCry) are large in scope and choose victims at random to see which end-user will click on a malicious link to encrypt files.These types of attacks (e.g. Samas) are typically deployed by Remote Desktop Protocols where cybercriminals steal domain credentials, look for unsecured servers and wipe all the files from the backup repository, then proceed with file encryption.Whether you have the best backup solution, anti-virus protection, or versions of back up repositories, this next generation of ransomware is so advanced that none of that matters anymore. These types of attacks embed time-delayed undetected malware into your backup repositories sometimes in excess of 12 months. This makes file restoration pointless because as you recover your data the ransomware re-ignites and re-encrypts the data all over again. This is known as the Attack Loop.
The Solution: For spray and pray attacks: BACKUP regularly because organisations can always revert previous version histories that aren’t encrypted. Test your recoveries. The Solution: Keep a recent offline version of backup history; and implement a backup solution that has 2FA and allows you to change the names of the backup repositories. blocz IO does both.The Solution: blocz – Your only solution against unknown threats, malware and zero-day vulnerabilities in your backup and recovery stream

Introducing the Cyber-Generation of Data Protection

Our comprehensive anti-malware-in-your-backup(s) solution offers:

Defence Loop
  • Our cyber-enabled data collector stops unauthorised code from penetrating your backup and recovery streams
  • Prevents malware in new backups, and stops malware from being recovered from older backups
Zero-Day Exploit Protection
  • Our signature-less technology checks and quarantines malicious code upon entry into the backup repository and prior to recovery into your environment
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • This extra layer of security prevents the unauthorised deletion of backup repositories
Variable File Naming Conventions
  • Viruses looking for specific file names to attack will not find them. Our solution allows you to rename your file repositories in non-standard formats to prevent recognition and deletion of your backups

Get protected – get access to your data

blocz IO allows you to recover your data if an attack were to occur. Our solution includes automatic and pre-scheduled backups to help mitigate any risk by ensuring that your data is always securely backed up, protected and easily restorable.  This helps to minimise downtime so you never have to pay a ransom demand.

Comprehensive protection for physical servers, VMs and endpoint devices

Whether a link was clicked in a malicious email or downloaded from a website, we provide a secure backup and recovery platform which blocks malicious code from penetrating your organisation’s backup repositories to eliminate attacks.

Unlimited version history

With RTO’s and RPO’s continuously decreasing, blocz IO offers a reliable and secure backup solution allowing you to go continuously back and restore data files from any specific point in time.

Simple and fast recovery

blocz IO enables you to restore any versions of files that are backed up on timed intervals or on an ad-hoc basis enabling you to have your systems up and running in minutes. It’s that easy.