An Evolutionary Journey with Game-Changing Results

Enterprises worldwide have used virtualisation and cloud to significantly improve IT efficiency and performance, yet the mobile cloud era presents new challenges. To meet this challenge, IT organisations need to virtualise the rest of the data centre so all infrastructure services become as inexpensive and easy to provision and manage as virtual machines.

The answer is the blocz software-defined data centre (SDDC): the ideal architecture for private, public, and hybrid clouds. Powered by vmware and recognised by the industry and analysts alike, SDDC extends the virtualisation concepts you know— abstraction, pooling and automation — to all data centre resources and services. Components of the SDDC can be implemented together, or in phases:

• Compute virtualisation, network virtualisation and software-defined storage deliver abstraction, pooling and automation of the compute, network, and storage infrastructure services.

• Automated management delivers a framework for policy-based management of data centre application and services.
In a software-defined data centre, policy-driven automation enables provisioning and ongoing management of logical compute, storage and network services. The result is unprecedented IT agility and efficiency, with flexibility to support today and tomorrow’s hardware and applications. Benefits include:

• Virtualisation economics across your data centre – Software-defined data centre technology helps attain new levels of infrastructure utilisation and staff productivity, substantially reducing both capital expenditures and operating costs.

• Applications at business speed – Enabling deployment of applications in minutes or even seconds with policy-driven provisioning that dynamically matches resources to continually changing workloads and business demands.

• Business-aware IT control – Driving right availability, security and compliance for every application via automated business continuity, policy-based governance and virtualization-aware security and compliance.

• Your data centre on your terms – The software-defined data centee can be leveraged as a private, hybrid or public cloud—in each case, infrastructure is fully abstracted from applications so they can run on multiple hardware stacks, hypervisors and clouds.

Building a Software-Defined Data Centre with blocz and vmware

blocz offers you several options for implementing the software-defined data centre architecture in your private data centre and beyond:

As a Private Cloud

Build and run your vSphere-based private cloud
Turn your data centre into a vSphere-based private cloud using the software-defined datacentre architecture. Deliver the best SLAs for all applications through software-defined services, policy-based provisioning and automated operations management.

As a Hybrid Cloud

Your fastest route to a seamless hybrid cloud.
In just hours, extend your data centre with a public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) built on vmware’s software-defined data centre technology, operated and supported by VMware and fully compatible with your data centre environment.

IT resources when you need them

Robust, secure and flexible services delivered by our global ecosystem of certified systems and engineers:

By integrating a private cloud with a public cloud built on software-defined data centre technology, your data centre becomes a true hybrid cloud platform, seamlessly spanning on-premises and off-premises environments with a common management, orchestration, networking and security model.