The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse consists of two large and adjacent buildings, which house servers and IT equipment for local small businesses and multi-national companies alike.

Each of the two buildings that form The Gatehouse is 3,000m2 and has a data hall within it of 1,500m2. Each building also has a dedicated loading bay, a store room, a de-box room and a test/staging room that is adjacent to the data hall. For visiting engineers there is also a ‘client touch down area’ where there is a guest Wi-Fi network providing internet access in addition to TV and tea and coffee facilities to ensure that time spent waiting for parts or patches can be spent in more comfortable surroundings.


The location offers the most secure place to locate business critical infrastructure, applications and data:

  • Not on 1000 year floodplain
  • Not under a flight path
  • Not in a terror risk area
  • Not suffering from power shortages

Highly Secure

Security at the data centre is very high. The entire 9 acre site is surrounded by a 3m high security fence which, in turn, has a microwave intruder detection system on the inside of the fence. Every door, both external and internal, is opened by a proximity card, with entry into each of the two data halls within the two buildings additionally requiring a combination of the proximity card and a biometric, (iris), scanner. The entire site, both internally and externally, is covered by CCTV cameras with all recordings retained for a minimum of 93 days. Security features include:

  • 24/7 manned security centre
  • 3m high security fence with razor wire and microwave intruder detection
  • Two buildings separated by a bomb blast mound
  • CCTV coverage of every square inch of the site with long retention of footage
  • Proximity card access to all doors and turnstiles
  • Gated ‘trap’ to control vehicle movements
  • Proximity cards and iris recognition technology for accessing the data halls
  • Air conditioning and electrical systems maintained from dedicated corridors, removing need for maintenance engineers to enter the data hall
  • Telecom Interchange Rooms (TIRs) accessed from separate entrances, meaning engineers have no need to enter the data hall
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and preventative systems

Power and Cooling

At The Gatehouse, uninterrupted power and cooling to business-critical IT & data is always assured. The Gatehouse is designed and operated to be Tier 3 equivalent with N+1 on all critical systems including:

  • Dual diverse 11KVA power feeds to site
  • N+1 Generator backup
  • N+1 Rotary UPS with additional battery back-up
  • Reserve fuel on site to support each building at full load for 8 days
  • Metered A and B supplies feeding all cabinets
  • Minimum of N+1 redundancy in all cooling systems
  • Free cooling chillers providing more than 340 days (8000+ hours) of free cooling per year
  • Fully addressable zoned fire detection system in all areas
  • Fire detection and suppression systems connected to Building Management System (BMS) and monitored onsite 24 x 7
  • Dry pipe, pre-action mist system with double knock installed in all technical areas
  • Gas suppression system in all plant areas and floor voids in addition to sprinkler system


At the Gatehouse, our quality & security standards are independently audited by:

  • Bureau Veritas for ISO 27001 for our information security management system
  • BSI for ISO 9001 for our quality management system
  • BSI for ISO 14001 for our environmental management system
  • PCI DSS, providing essential compliance if you’re handling card payments
  • EU Code of Conduct for data centres participant status
  • Certified under the UK Government Cyber Essential scheme
  • National Counter Terrorism Security Office endorsement of our ‘comprehensive security procedures’