The Power of Private

Private Cloud is sometimes refereed to as a “type” of Cloud that Enterprises build in-house using existing or new dedicated hardware.  While this solves problems it can also create new ones with the addition proximity, management and costs.  As a direct alternative, the blocz Private cloud providers a combination of data centre, dedicated infrastructure and the blocz Cloud management that delivers a 100% dedicated and fully automated Cloud platform.

Why Choose blocz Private Cloud

The blocz Private Cloud solutions can provide an alternative to Public Cloud that might be deemed inappropriate, inadequate or don’t meet the risk tolerance for your business needs. Our Private Cloud environments are ideal for mission-critical workloads, large applications, big data processing and regulatory restrictions where shared compute of CPU, Memory and storage are not an option when comparing multi-tenant solutions.  Our hypervisor agnostic platform by design means that we can implement vmware, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM technologies to meet your infrastructure demands.

All of the Cloud, none of the hassle backed by the blocz highly secure & highly redundant Enterprise platform.


When you purchase blocz Private Cloud you get 24×7 access to our management interface so you can create as many Virtual Machines, Virtual Applications, Workflows and much more as and when required.


As well as scaling out at the hardware level, auto-scaling features provides a method for automatically scaling Virtual Machine and Virtual Applications in both a vertical and horizontal way based on monitored system metrics.

High Availability

Inherent to the platform is HA allowing for the detection and auto fail over of faulty hardware


With a range of data centers to choose from your Private Cloud can be hosted in more than one location for additional resilience

Transparent Cloud

Your data is stored on your hardware in a data center of your choosing giving you total control and viability

Hybrid Cloud

With integrated Public Cloud management you can use the blocz Cloud platform to build your own Hybrid Cloud solutions


All of your dedicated infrastructure is managed and monitored by the blocz dedicated Network Operations Center 24x7x365 freeing up your operations staff to focus on other core business areas.