A True Hybrid Offering

Infrastructure people have been discussing hybrid cloud for some time now, but it means different things to different people, and for different environments. The key characteristics of a True Hybrid cloud are:

  • One user interface for all Infrastructure services, no matter what technology, location or feature/functions are available.
  • Design your application infrastructure once, deploy to any cloud, transparent to the user.
  • One API for interacting with all the services.
  • Unified account management, so users can interact with multiple infrastructures with a single secure, controlled and audited user account
  • The ability to add and remove on-premise infrastructure and public clouds as needed
  • One outbound event stream, so integration to back-office systems can be done once for all infrastructures and clouds
  • A single record of all virtual assets, be they VMs, images, virtual disks or network configurations, to ensure that reporting is consistent and complete.

The blocz Difference

Many “hybrid” cloud solutions require you to switch between the different environments you’re working on, whether you’re creating a new application, getting reports, or auditing activity for compliance purposes. A True Hybrid cloud brings consistency across all your cloud environments, whether in a blocz Private Cloud or a Public Cloud provider.

With blocz Hybrid cloud solutions you can get the best of all worlds by incorporating Public Cloud providers like Azure, Google and AWS directly into the blocz Cloud management system to build out a try Hybrid Cloud solution.

Leverage the blocz Cloud or Private Cloud to maintain control and viability of design, data storage, location and security while using existing or new Public Cloud resources.

Public Cloud Support

Our supported Public Cloud providers include:-

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Compute Engine
  • DigitalOcean
  • Rackspace
  • CloudSigma
  • SoftLayer
  • ElasticHosts
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic