The Enterprise Cloud

Your business has many challenges that the IT department is tasked to resolve. Nowadays, the business demands speedier services, lower costs, increased reliability, greater flexibility and elastic scalability. The problem is that these requests all conflict with the things that traditionally the IT department is tasked with delivering; security and compliance; management oversight, service allocation and budgeting, access management, control, monitoring and governance. Put simply, your business and application development teams want to exploit the ‘promise’ of cloud enabled services and become an agile, empowered enterprise by acquiring IT services simply and instantly while remaining in control of the infrastructure, services and information systems that are used.

Designed for Enterprise

The blocz Enterprise Cloud is a true Cloud platform delivering virtual servers and applications via a publicly accessible management portal. Unlike other providers that claim to provide Cloud solutions where you have to submit helpdesk tickets in order to create a new server to make changes, our Cloud platform gives you the tools to make real-time adds and changes that your businesses depends on.

blocz Enterprise Cloud delivers enhanced performance, reduced latency, reduced costs and superior security to keep your business scalable and agile.

Key features

  • High Availability as standard
  • 99.95% SLA as standard with 100% achievable
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre
  • Full set of API’s
  • Auto scaling, action plans and task schedules
  • Monitoring, Metrics and Custom Alarms & Alerts
  • Workflows
  • Virtual applications
  • Cloud-init support for public and private cloud
  • Deep integration with Chef