Bare Metal

Do you need the ultra-fast performance of a dedicated server? With single-tenant, non-virtualised, enterprise grade infrastructure, blocz Bare Metal can power even the most resource intensive workloads.

Do you have workloads that aren't suitable for virtualisation, concerns about noisy neighbours, excessive cloud egress charges, or do you simply want to gain greater control over surface vulnerability by isolating sensitive workloads in a single-tenant infrastructure? If so blocz Bare Metal is the answer!

Do you need to be closer to your users? Unlike others, blocz deploy Bare Metal in both regional edge data centres, and at the very edge of the network. If you have latency sensitive applications, edge aware applications, or are building decentralised web3 applications and need true edge infrastructure, the blocz is the right partner for you!

With a choice of AMD or Intel tech under the hood, HDD, SSD or NVMe storage, even GPU's, blocz Bare Metal has a configuration that works for you! Plus, there's the added bonus of pay-as-you-use billing with the ability to start and stop your server when you need. Cost-effective with automated deployment, you could be a matter seconds away from the infrastructure your business needs.