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blocz IO is a provider of secure Decentralised, Edge and Private cloud solutions.

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We provide a complete range of self-serve and managed cloud services and solutions from our own secure data centre facilities.  Explore how our services can help your business grow and develop today.


gridStor - a Decentralised deep storage solution

A powerful and dynamic distributed cloud storage network

Using Enterprise class hardware, highly secure and efficient datacentres built to a List-X standard, proven cryptographic and sharding technologies, the blocz Cryptographic Cloud Storage solution is designed to be an infinitely saleable and highly cost-effective means of storing and retrieving archive data.

With multiple copies of data stored in multiple locations, not only is data protected from deletion and outages, blockchain based technology also ensures immutability as copies cannot be modified without detection.

Working with partners we are also able to securely geo-locate encrypted copies of data in any number of locations, effectively providing countless copies to protect against loss and further enhance resilience, security, and data integrity. For further protection we are also able to shard customer data across multiple providers if required, further enhancing resilience and security.


Decentralised Cloud

A decentralised cloud computing platform

The blocz decentralised cloud computing platform provides a vast range of computing and networking services. Designed to deliver the next generation of dApps, dWeb and Edge applications allowing organisations and developers like you to deploy, run and scale based on demand and growth.

Technologies designed to address the latest demands of the Decentralised Internet, Web3, growth at the Edge, and low-latency access like 5G enabled devices are at our core. Therefore, our platform provides the foundation on which to build the next-generation decentralised Internet.


Private Cloud

Private cloud powered by vmware

Private Cloud is sometimes refereed to as a “type” of Cloud that Enterprises build in-house using existing or new dedicated hardware.  While this solves problems it can also create new ones with the addition proximity, management and costs.  As a direct alternative, the blocz Private cloud providers a combination of data centre, dedicated infrastructure and the blocz Cloud management that delivers a 100% dedicated and fully automated Cloud platform.

Why blocz?

Selecting a cloud backup, recovery and restore software platform is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The innovative technology of blocz built on Veeam Cloud Backup™ now powers over 1 million sites worldwide. That success is due entirely to more than three decades of building a global eco system of strong partner relationships with progressive resellers and partners, and it has made Veeam one of the most financially stable investments you can make in the business. Here are just a few reasons blocz has committed to work this industry leader.

  • NIST FIPS 140-2 Certified with AES 256 encryption in flight and at rest.
  • Comprehensive data protection for all data sources, regardless of platform.
  • Support for Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds.

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